What To Say When A Pet Dies Quotes

62 Comforting Words and What To Say When A Pet Dies Quotes

The life of an animate is as important as an inanimate. The relationship of human beings with domestic animals can be so cordial that you’ll start missing them if something happens to them.

Animals such as pets can be so relational and friendly that sometimes, they are found friendly more than humans. Peradventure, you have a friend, family, or loved one who has a pet and the pet is now dead and you want to know how to console the person, here you have what to say when a pet dies quotes to help you express your emotion.

Do not go near somebody whose pet just died and talk as if it doesn’t matter, it’s important to be sympathetic and consoling in your expression. This is why you have what to say when a pet dies on this page. Delve into this article and lift as many as you want to use.

What To Say When A Pet Dies Quotes

1. It’s so sad that you lost your cute pet. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. Feel free to reach out to me if you need help.

2. I’m so sorry you lost one of the most important things in your life. It’s so painful to hear. And I wish you all the strength and hope you need to bear it.

3. I remember how you told me about Baily and how happy you two looked together. It’s so painful she’s gone. Please accept my condolence.

4. I know how hard it could be to lose one’s favorite pet. It feels so bad and heartbreaking. Please stay strong, Dear. All will be well.

5. I know you are going to miss your pet right now. You two were best friends and always happy together. Accept my condolence, Dear.

6. I can testify to the emotional attachment between you and your beautiful pet. Sorry about this loss, may you find comfort very shortly.

7. I know this will be a hard pill to swallow knowing that your highly cherished dog had to leave you to journey into a world of no return. This is rather painful, I share in your pains.

8. Do you know I was thinking of coming around your place to spend some time with you tomorrow to play with you and your pet? I never knew your pet is far gone! Sorry for the loss, my condolences!

9. Take heart Dear, this is a bitter pill to swallow but you have to accept it the way it has come. I’m standing by you. May you receive the strength to bear this great loss.

10. I want you to know that this pet has left you for another one to come. Take heart, another pet is on the way. And the memory of the loss shall be forgotten soon!

How To Comfort Someone Who Lost A Pet Over Text

11. I know you’ve spent and invested a lot on this pet but painfully, it left you without notice. Sorry for this loss, may your soul find comfort in such a time as this.

12. Your love for me was pure. We shared an unusual bond. It’s so sad you are gone. I don’t know how I will survive without you.

13. My pet was my best friend. I found it so easy to pour my love on you. I feel so sad I lost you. I will miss you so much.

14. You will forever be in my heart. I am sure you are also sad to leave me. Don’t worry, we will see again someday, and play our favorite game together again.

15. You are not dead to me. I still feel you every day, and I know you can hear me. Though I will miss touching you, I know our friendship remains.

16. We were so attached. I so much enjoy your company, and you also love being with me. Sadly, we have to separate at this moment. I will miss you, my darling pet.

17. You’ve been very friendly with me even when no one was at home to stay with me and help me out with some basics. Oh, what a painful thing to know my beautiful pet is far gone!

18. It’s not so interesting to know that my highly loved and cherished pet is gone forever into a world of no return. I will miss my pet big time.

19. The worst thing that has happened to me this year is that my friendly inanimate has departed and left me on short notice. Oh, I wish someone could comfort me!

20. Dear Pet of mine, I must let you know how much I miss you. You’ve been a very great friend keeping me company at home always. I miss you so much!

21. I wish you could come back to me and take your place again. Your space is very vacant and It’s difficult for me to swallow this. I miss you so much!

22. I wish I could do anything to resurrect you and bring you back to life. But as it is now, there is nothing I can do but let go. I miss you so much!

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How To Comfort A Friend Who Lost A Pet

Below are how to comfort someone who lost a pet over text:

23. Hi friend, I’m so sorry you lost your number one companion. It could be a head experience and I hope you recover from it soon.

24. I can’t believe your lovely pet is gone. I feel so bad to hear the news and I wish I could do anything about it. Please stay strong, Dear. May her soul rest in peace.

25. I know you are very down right now, but please stay strong, dear friend. I’m sorry you lost your pet.

26. Your dog was the most lovely dog I’ve ever met. It’s so sad she’s gone. Please accept my condolence. I’m sure you’ll grow to love her puppy soon.

27. I feel so sorry about the loss of your pet. You tried all you could to save her, but let’s just believe some things are meant to be. Please stay strong, Dear.

28. Dear friend, this is a loss you didn’t prepare for but it has happened and it seems there is nothing we can do about it. Sorry about this loss!

29. Friend, I know how important this pet is to you being the fact that you’ve been around each other for a long time. This sudden departure must have caused you a lot of shocks. Sorry about this!

30. Looking at the depth of your love and investment in his pet, I do not what exactly to say to you about this loss. But anyway, I’m sorry about this!

31. This is rather very painful. May you receive grace to recover from these unexpected shocks. Deep condolences for the loss of this dog.

32. It’s difficult for me to imagine you without this pet, it’s like life cannot continue without it. I feel your pains, sorry about this loss.

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Comforting Words For Loss Of Pet

33. Losing one’s pet is deeper than losing just an animal. It’s losing a part of one’s heart. I’m sorry you lost your pet. Please stay strong.

34. Take heart dear, so sorry your pet is gone. I hope you’ll find another one who could replace her soon.

35. I’m so sorry this happened. You losing your pet is a sad thing and I wish it didn’t happen. Please accept my heartfelt condolence.

36. This is a trying time. I’m so sorry you are facing all of this. Though your pet is gone, always remember the good memories you share. Take heart, dear. Everything will be alright.

37. It’s so sad to see you sad. I know it might not be so easy for you to move on after the loss of your pet. Please take heart, and stay strong.

38. I know this is a big loss but I want you to be very hopeful that something positive can come out of this for you. Sorry about the loss, may you be comforted!

39. It is so painful that your hospitable and friendly pet is far gone. I know how you feel right now, sorry for the loss.

40. Please dear friend, be firm and strong. This cannot be your end, you can be happy again like you have always been. I love you!

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Words For Loss Of Pet

41. It’s so painful to lose you, my sweet little pet. When I lost you, I also lost a part of me. I will miss you, my dear pet.

42. I have formed so much bond with you. It won’t be easy for me to live without you. I just hope I will survive this. Rest in peace, my pet.

43. I so much enjoyed your company. I found peace and comfort around you. I feel sad you are no longer with me.

44. You have been my dearest friend and partner. Our friendship has gone deeper than natural. It’s so sad I lost you, my pet. I will miss you.

45. I still find myself looking under the couch hoping I’ll see you running towards me to hug me and wag your tail like you used to do. I can’t believe you are gone forever. I miss you so much.

46. Oh sorry for the loss of your pet. This is rather painful but you just have to take heart. I remain your friend and I’m identified with your pain.

What To Write When Someone Loses A Pet

47. I’m sorry you lost your pet. I hope you’ll be comforted and have the strength to move on as soon as possible.

48. It’s so hard to let go. I’m sorry your pet is gone, and you’ll have to let go. Please accept my condolence. Everything will be fine.

49. It was shocking to hear that you lost your dog. I could imagine how devastated you’ll be right now. Please stay strong, my dear. I wish you all the best.

50. Abby was a very lovely and loyal pet. I remember the first time I met her, and how much I fell in love with her. I’m so sorry you lost her. Please accept my condolence.

51. It’s so easy to get so attached to a pet like Brown; so cute, lovely, and caring. I understand you might be finding it hard to get over this heartbeat. So sorry about the loss of your pet, and feel free to call me if you need any help.

Short Message for Loss of Pet

52. Things wouldn’t have been so hard if you were here to mourn with me and comfort me, but sadly, it’s your death I’m mourning, what an irony! Goodbye, my lovely dog and best friend. I will miss you so much.

53. I’m saying goodbye, not because I’m glad you are gone, but because that is the only option I’m left with. I will miss you, my lovely dog.

54. I love you so much, my dog. I wish I could see you one more time to tell you how much I miss you. It’s so sad to say goodbye to your dog.

55. How I wish this is just a dream. It’s hard for me to believe you are gone forever. I will miss you a lot.

56. It’s not easy for me to let go of you. You are forever in my heart, and I will never forget how cute you looked. Goodbye, my only true friend.

57. It’s not at this time you should experience this loss, I know how far you have gone to cater for this pet since its arrival. I just wish we could turn back the hands of the clock. Sorry for this great loss.

58. I’m at loss for words, I do not know what exactly to say about this loss. What a painful experience! Sorry, my dear friend.

59. I know you’re strong and sturdy enough to bear this loss. Be hopeful, another beautiful thing is on the way for you and you’ll be happy again.

60. Each time I come around your place, I’m always pleased to have your pet around me playing with me. But it’s far gone now, sorry about this.

61. I want to let you know that I miss your pet more than you do. My deep condolences. Sorry about this great loss.

62. I must let you know that I felt your pains and pangs about the loss of this pet. What a painful experience! Sorry about that!

I hope this article on how to comfort someone who lost a pet over text has helped express your feelings for your lovely pet.

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