Suggestions For Teachers Improvement From Students

60 Helpful Suggestions For Teachers Improvement From Students

Teaching is a great profession, it allows the opportunity to impact and shape the lives of people of all ages and stages. Teachers are a blessing to the world and they should be appreciated, commending them and saying a few words of good comments goes a long way. However, to help teachers get better in their function, suggestions for teachers improvement from students are important.

Teachers can’t be at their best at all times, there are times when they will lag behind or not teach efficiently. Change is constant and in the teaching profession, there is always room for change and improvement to efficiently deliver. It doesn’t matter if you are a student teacher or a teacher, there are areas you need to improve to aid a smooth teaching career.

We have listed comments to appreciate the teachers, suggestions on how to improve, and areas they are to improve to efficiently impact the lives of students.

Comments And Suggestions For Student Teachers

1. When you teach us, you give us further insights and explanations on the topic, which is something many of our teachers don’t do, we appreciate your effort and patience to pass knowledge to us with precision.

2. Thank you for taking the time to teach us the essential lessons that will be useful to us both in the classroom and outside the classroom. We can clearly see that you are going to be a great teacher in the near future.

3. We have seen your proficiency in the delivery of your subject and we are really fascinated. Your choosing to teach us this course assures us that we will pass the exam excellently well, we love you.

4. You used a different tactic and technique to teach us, we always enjoy the way you teach and we can never forget all of the knowledge you have given us. Thank you for always being at your best each time you come to our class.

5. We were always having difficulties in our maths class, the teacher’s explanations were always so confusing but when you taught us we found it easy and now we are better at calculation. We give you kudos for being an exceptional teacher.

6. Your teaching method has not been convenient for us, you spend most of the time telling stories that are irrelevant to us and we end up not gaining anything at the end of the class, we would want you to reduce the amount of time you spend on telling us stories and rather teach us the important lessons.

7. You are an exceptional teacher and we value your teaching. We will want you to take us on this course instead of our teacher. You understand us and we also understand you perfectly.

8. You always use good examples to explain this course, especially things we can relate to. Your illustrations have been greatly effective. Please continue to teach this way and we can assure you that we compensate you at the end of the day.

9. Apart from your manner of teaching, you have greatly impacted us in various ways, you took your time to teach us basic etiquette and good moral conduct. Other students should also enjoy this teaching, and we want it added to the school syllabus so everyone can learn from you.

10. Your teaching is flawless and unique, you deserve to be promoted to being a bonafide teacher of this school, your efforts are appreciated. We will always ensure we represent you well.

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Suggestions For Student Teacher Improvement

11. Creating a good bond with the parents of the pupils also shows how effective you are, and how committed you are to teaching. This is one area that we would appreciate if you could consciously look into it.

12. Preparation is very critical in the course of teaching, your mentor teacher was always prepared before the day he was to teach you, and this will help you teach excellently well. We noticed some deficiencies in preparation through your delivery.

13. If you have new ideas to introduce to us, you can inform your mentor teacher if it’s a great idea. We are always open to new things that will make us grow and get better academically. We hope to learn many things from you.

14. As a student teacher, you will be scrutinized every time by your mentor teacher or principal. Anytime you are to take lectures, always prepare yourself and teach like it is your first day. We would like you to be more convincing in your delivery.

15. We, students, are different and our level of assimilation differs. As a student-teacher, we will advise you to learn to know your student, their weakness, and strengths for a better flow in class.

16. The way you dress is the way you will be addressed, you should always dress professionally like a teacher, being a student teacher does not mean you should dress shabbily to class. As we learn mathematics from you so we are learning your lifestyle.

17. Be a professional, act like a teacher, don’t do anything your mentor teacher won’t do and this will help you develop into a great teacher. Especially using your free time to gossip and chit-chat with other teachers.

18. Learn to interact with your students, watch their activities, and let them see you not only as a student teacher but also as their teacher. We believe if you look into this, it will aid the student’s level of comprehension in the class.

19. Build good relationships with other teachers, you can use that avenue to learn from them how to teach effectively and let them see how committed and dedicated you are to becoming a great teacher. We hope to see you improve in this area.

20. Learning doesn’t have an end, when things are not crystal clear, do well to ask your mentor teacher for advice or better insight. This will help you improve greatly and also better educate us.

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Suggestions For Teacher Improvement

21. When correcting a mistake of a student, try not to compare them with their peers, this usually has a great effect, mostly negative effect on the student afterward. You can minimize the comparison game, Sir

22. Be sociable and accommodating, and be a teacher a student can come to for help when he/she finds a subject difficult or dealing with personal issues. I think many students will enjoy your class if you work on this area.

23. Always be observant about your students, and study them well enough, you should know when a student is lagging and when he is doing excellently well. If a student is doing the former, you will be able to assist in every way possible.

24. When a student passes his/her exam excellently or comes out first in a competition, appreciate and praise such a student. This will make the student try to do better in the next exam. Let your attitude encourage the student to be their best.

25. Be a driving force in a student’s life academically, if a child’s performance is improved, it only shows that your teaching skills are effective. In every way possible, try to motivate your students.

26. Anger should be eradicated from your life as a teacher, students will do tons of things to provoke you to your limit, and being able to control your anger will help in resolving any matter easily, and also help in improving your teaching career.

27. Introduce new techniques to your teaching, and adopt new practices, and new technologies, that will aid proper understanding in the classroom. When methods are new, students pay more attention.

28. Some students might have eye defects, while writing on the board or giving notes out, make sure your writing is bold, visible, and neat. Students will appreciate it if you can make your handwriting more legible.

29. Introduce group work, and group projects to the classroom, and let them solve problems together. This will establish cooperation and unison in the classroom and make students friends with one another.

30. Try not to use vulgar words or degrading words on your student, this will make you appear as a bad teacher. When teachers get upset due to a mistake by a student, they lose control and use vulgar words on the student. Your case should not be like this.

Comments And Suggestions For Teachers

31. I can not thank you enough for the way you have tremendously helped me boost my grades, I am proud of myself, and my parents are also proud. This is a byproduct of your investment in my life.

32. I appreciate your effort and for pushing me to study hard for the test, the results came out excellently well. You are such a teacher I will never forget. Thanks to you for what you did for me.

33. Your teaching tactics are incredibly awesome, you have single-handedly managed to produce the best students in the school, and you deserve the accolades.

34. I’m always looking forward to your impactful class because of the peculiarity of your method of teaching, you are the best teacher in this school and no one can change that position. Thank you for all you do.

35. Ever since I have been in your class you have not contributed positively to my growth academically, you are only conversant with using degrading words on students who are not doing well in their academics. This needs to be checked!

36. Your method of teaching is outdated, I suggest you do your research, read books, and learn more about how to teach in this new normal. A teacher I expected to be updated.

37. You tend to be absentminded while teaching, and this affects the student. I’ll suggest that you leave all that’s bothering you outside the classroom, we will appreciate it if there is a change in this aspect.

38. Whenever you are teaching, you are always using your time, I suggest that you come to class so you can have enough time to educate us without going beyond your time limit.

39. We are always learning the theories and not the practical and this does not give us enough insight into the topic. If practical were to be done, we would be able to understand very well without any hassles. Help us work on this area.

40. The online classes are not helping out at all, only PDF is shared without any form of explanation, I’ll suggest a video is done to elaborate on the topics so that we can have a visual understanding of the topic.

Examples Of Areas Of Improvement For Teachers

41. While in the classroom, teachers should learn how to comport themselves, especially when a student commits a mistake. Teachers should not be quick to laugh at the students to scorn.

42. Teachers should not be focused solely on their earnings but also on the improvement and achievement of their students academically. If students learn well, the pay of the teachers will get better.

43. A teacher should be supportive of their students whenever they have difficulties understanding some subjects. This leaves a positive impact on the student, and such an impact can not be forgotten.

44. Building a good teacher-to-student bond, when such a bond is created, it’s easier for the student to trust and confide in the teacher and it also aids the teacher to have easy access to the student’s challenges academically and render help.

45. Teachers should be fully interested in the academic level and improving the performance of their students, providing them with the necessary support, encouraging, and motivating them.

46. Teachers should be more honest, kind, and open to their students, a teacher can easily influence a student positively or negatively, and these rare good traits can be instilled in the student.

47. Teachers should keep a listening ear to their students, students might find it difficult to communicate with their parents but find it easy to talk and relate to their teachers about everything, teachers should listen to their students.

48. Teachers are to be spoken to politely, it should be the same for students, especially when instructions are given, they are instructed politely and not with insults.

49. Teachers should improve on the way they grade the results of their students, some teachers grade each student differently especially when they have a favorite. It’s important that marking scripts should be transparent

50. Teachers should find easy ways or create a song with acronyms or topics to make the students easily assimilate and not forget easily. Education and innovation go together.

Sample Comments And Suggestions For Student Teacher

51. You should be in the Guinness Book of Records for the way you teach, your teaching is exceptional and excellent, we always want you to teach us, thank you for educating us, we love you.

52. You were able to establish a good rapport between yourself and the student, it’s a task most of the teachers find difficult to do, we appreciate that we can come to you for anything.

53. You teach us with illustrations and make us visualize it in our imaginations, that’s a skill our teacher doesn’t have and we are delighted that you encouraged us to think outside the box.

54. Thank you for going out of your way to enlighten us on matters that will be of benefit to us academically and in the outside world, you deserve to be promoted from a student teacher to a teacher.

55. When we realized you were the one to take us on this course we were confident that we were going to ace our exams, you made us pass with flying colors in our last exam and we are grateful, We value you.

56. Anywhere we find ourselves in the world, we cannot forget you, you are a part of our lives already and you have positively influenced our academic life and we appreciate, and keep impacting the lives of students and God will reward you.

57. There was a course I found really confusing and quite difficult and I couldn’t take it, my teacher, you helped me out and I got the best result in that course. I can’t thank you enough for your help.

58. We understand that the school is looking for a teacher to replace our former one. You have taught us this course before and we understood perfectly, I’ll suggest that you write to the principal office about your request to take us on this course.

59. As a student teacher you should be versed in the new technique of teaching, we suggest that you use those techniques to teach us to aid better understanding.

60. Your dress sense is nothing to write home about, being a student teacher you should be able to dress well and also speak eloquently, please change the way you dress and improve your spoken English.

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