Remembering Someone Who Passed Away Quotes

60 Missing Loved Ones and Remembering Someone Who Passed Away Quotes

The pain and grief we experience from the loss of our loved ones are the deepest pain and grief in life, very overwhelming and depressing. It is a feeling of emptiness categorized by wishes and hopes that can never come to pass and looking for ways to adapt to the new life of emptiness and loneliness can be very difficult.

However, one of the best ways to fill this emptiness and hopelessness in this trying time is the use of ‘remembering someone who passed away quotes’. Though the quotes do not replace the loved ones, but they serve as succor especially when you find the right ones at your disposal.

They provide the warmth and flight needed to forge confidently ahead with the assurance that we are not alone and the optimistic spirit to make them proud while they are gone. Accessing the right quotes can become a lot of hard work for some people. Also, knowing the right moments to use the same quotes can become a bit challenging for others. We’ve gone through the stress for you and have now collated them according to your various needs with the perfect options on different occasions.

Having you at the very core of our hearts, here are perfect quotes on Remembering Our Loved Ones In Heaven good enough for your inspiration and aliveness. Use the quotes and become strengthened or an encouragement to someone who needs them.

Remain joyous in every chaos!

Short Remembrance Quotes For Loved Ones

1. You touched my life with your calmness plus impactful and wisdom-filled words. Knowing now that you are no more leaves a vacuum that can not be filled by any other, you stay in my heart forever. Rest on and well.

2. You are greatly missed and loved, aunt, no one loves better, nobody gives liberally, not a beautiful soul with a bright and reassuring smile like you. I will keep you in my heart forever till we see on the resurrection morning. Sleep on, ma’am.

3. Blessing everyone that comes your way was a normal life to you, loving those who had the opportunity to meet you without condition was your normal expression. No one can replace your memory in your heart. Keep resting.

4. When the one you love is no longer with you because death snatches them away suddenly, you become lonely and alone, and they become memories you leave with and treasure forever. I will always forget you and cherish your memory.

5. Years have passed, months followed, weeks have passed followed by days but your memory remains fresh and ever-green like the blossoming of a sequoia tree. You’re loved and missed forever.

6. Yours was the heart of gold that stopped beating, the active hands that stopped functioning, we were heartbroken when God proved to us that He loved you more than how we loved you. Though the fig tree might have stopped blossoming we will continue to awaken the love that we shared with a blessed remembrance.

7. Though you’re no longer here and we can no longer see you or enjoy your funny but wisdom-filled jokes, just know that you are never far away from our thoughts and our hearts. Sleep on.

8. The pain refuses to go, the sadness seems more overwhelming, secret tears have not stopped, and the incident that took you away remains a seasonal movie. No one will ever understand the meaning of losing a beautiful soul like you but for the ones who met you.

9. My heart was broken to have lost you, but the good news is that you didn’t go alone, a part of me left with your exit. I hope you keep finding rest in the beyond. Your presence will be greatly missed forever.

10. There’s nothing more painful than using this day to celebrate your remembrance. You were a role model to many and a mentor to me. You will forever live in our memories. Rest on forever.

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Missing Loved Ones In Heaven Quotes

11. Your demise taught me one thing, to leave with your memory, this has become part of me but in my heart lives an ache that will never let me go. I miss you, Aunt. You remain loved even in the grave.

12. Though I didn’t see your eyes when they became closed without the hope of them opening again did I hear you breathe your last breath, I only received the sad news that you were no more, and this only makes me miss you more.

13. You didn’t give a sign for your exit, not even a farewell word from you, I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye, you left when we least expected bearing the deepest pain we could ever have. This remains a dream we would always wish never came through. Rest on and well, Dad.

14. When I say goodbye, I mean I will forever miss you. This goodbye doesn’t mean the end, it simply means you are in my heart even in your grave and I will forever miss you till the end of the earth, where we get the chance to see again.

15. It’s so hard to see someone we love and cherish become a memory, and very difficult not to remember the one who gave us many things to remember and make use of in every season of life.

16. I can never forget how we laughed together, cried together, explored the world together, and spent quality time together in the closet, those numerous memories we had together become cherishable drops that find their way out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks.

17. No matter how small a foot is, it will always leave a print in the world either negative or positive. No matter how small a hand is, it will always leave a writing, either beautiful or ugly. Aunt, we remember you today for your positive impact and the beautiful handwriting of love you left with us. We miss you so much.

18. The pain cuts so deep, that the wound is still very fresh. Our hearts put together could not contain the immeasurable loss of your sudden demise, but we open ourselves up to embrace and enjoy the love left behind.

19. Your presence was everything that I ever wanted to feel, so also were your eyes everything I wanted to see, and your smile everything I wanted to behold. Now that you’re no more, I’m left with nothing to feel, see and behold. I miss every moment with you.

20. No amount of words of consolation, no amount of attention from men, no matter how affectionate other people seem to present themselves. No one can fill up this void in my heart, you will forever be missed.

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Remembering Someone In Heaven Quotes

21. Some special people can be dead, they might have gone for years, but they never leave us. Their aura of love, embodiment of grace, and positive impacts remain so tangible as if they are forever here.

22. When you were here, I could dare the impossible and fly like an eagle. You believed in me more than I in myself. With you, I was braver, stronger, and smarter. Now that you’re gone, I can only live in those memories. I miss you.

23. You made saying goodbye so hard, I said it, anyway. As the year goes by, I have learned to let go and keep saying the farewell that I never wished for. I still can’t believe you’re gone forever. Rest on, buddy.

24. You knew just when to seek peace, for the few years that your moon rose, for the little period that your river flew, for the little season your grass grew, you followed peace with all men. The lucky ones who met you can’t stop missing you.

25. The lives you touched, the lives you inspired to become more, the people you caused to laugh, the ones you taught never to give up no matter how hard, and the smiles you shared with your closest, dearest, and total strangers are all memories that are keeping us going. You left a very beautiful legacy to carry on.

26. For as long as there was a life before death, the challenges we overcame together, the failures we experienced, the many adventures we embarked on, the stories we wrote without publishing, and the blessedness of our restlessness are proofs that there will always be you in my heart after death. Rest on, soldier!

27. Losing a soul like you is like losing the most treasured property. Heaven became more glorious when you joined them in the beyond while the world became more sober and meaningless at your demise.

28. Your being was rare, not easily come by. Yours was a very large heart that accommodated both the young and the old, the poor and rich. The lives you touched had not seized singing your praises both in secret and on the mountaintop.

29. Keep resting in the Bosom of the ones that loved you better than us. The joy we have today is in the fact that you lived a purposeful life and the results of your living still speak till today. Thank you for passing on your gift. We love you.

30. I wish I had expressed my love better, longed for you more, and spent more time with you. You lived a very short but meaningful life and that is why I can never forget that you came to my world even in the grave.

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Short Quotes For Loved Ones In Heaven

31. I wished for so many things, that your death was a dream, that it was never you but your look alike, but the wishes never came through. You might not be here physically but your presence in my heart becomes more stronger as the year goes by. I miss every moment we spent together here, on earth.

32. The several aches from missing you remain as time passes. I have never entered into a day without the thought of you. I still wish you were here by my side living life together in pain and many happy moments.

33. Even if I still can’t get over the terrible experience of 10 years ago, I always find solace in the fact that you are resting in peace in heaven, and the things that used to bother you are no longer in your view.

34. As much as I can’t let go, I thank God that your memory occupies the emptiness in my heart that was created by your absence. Rest in power over death.

35. I wish time could heal this wound indeed, I wish I could wake up and realize that it was all a dream but wishes are not horses and can never provide a ride. I miss you just as the day you left the earth.

36. So many times, I feel incomplete and empty, like a major part of me is no more in its place. Physically, I can no longer see you, but I sense your being in everything I do and every step I take.

37. Time is healing the wound but the memory remains so fresh and evergreen. I can only keep the fire burning and carry on your precious legacy, with this, you will not look back and regret that you were once on earth.

38. Your smile remains so fresh in my brain. Your peaceful but giant approach to facing challenges are the things I remember whenever the thought of losing you overshadows my mind. You’re never forgotten.

39. Anytime I remember that you are no more, I am always challenged to love and cherish the people I have the chance to see today. Your absence taught me that we will not all be here forever, so I cherish moments and people.

40. Your children are now reaping the fruits of your good deeds and generosity towards mankind. We can not but accept the fate of your demise. Though, short yours was a life well lived.

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Missing Someone In Heaven Quotes

41. Losing you was the most painful and difficult experience of my life. Missing you is now my everyday life. Look back and see that I am now all you desired for me to be. I miss you more than words can describe.

42. Although the grief, pain, and sadness were overwhelming, so also was finding ways to cope with the loss and emotional trauma very hard, but we’ve learned to move on and live with the beautiful memories of you.

43. I’ve found solace in my pen writing of your wonderful lifestyle, joy in my heart visioning your beautiful smiles and acts of love, pleasure in my heartbeat playing the rhythm of your speech, and encouragement in my brain calculating our blessings when you were here. I miss you!

44. The whole world seems to crumble at your demise, nothing sensible makes sense any longer. Now I can tell that you were all I needed to live healthily and not be concerned about failing because you showed me that failing was another platform for success.

45. I miss the comfort in the words of your mouth, the reassurance in the way you looked at me, the very warmth of your embrace, and the heart that preaches possibilities to every weary and broken heart. You’re forever occupying a special place in my heart.

46. I still shed tears in the corner of the room where no one would notice because none of them would understand how much your existence meant to me. Despite my tears, the memories of you in my heart remain evergreen. My thoughts of you are more than my expression in writing. You are deeply missed.

47. Your presence is always felt around you even though you’re no more. The daily love you showered on us will always be remembered. Nothing can describe how I miss you, your precious memories can never fade away.

48. The saying that time heals wounds is never valid anytime I feel your absence. For many years, my heart aches for losing you, the wound has refused to heal and the memory remains continually fresh.

49. You might no longer be in this world, but you are not forgotten. We will forever see the elegancy of your soul radiating through the memories you left behind. These memories are the tools we hold on to at your remembrance.

50. The connections we shared were so awesome likewise the memories of our togetherness through thick and thin, and rough and smooth. All these will forever be cherished by me even now that you have gone.

Remembering Our Loved Ones In Heaven Quotes

51. When you were gone, I cried that you were no more, now that I remember your demise from the earth, I smile for every beautiful thing you did, the blessed legacy you left, the people’s lives you changed positively, and lastly the pleasurable games you taught me.

52. I will not consider your being no more as death because you live on in my heart, I see you every time I think of you, and thank you for leaving behind such beautiful and memorable moments that cannot fade away like the morning star.

53. Your death taught me not to always rejoice in the length of my days on earth but how I live each day to make someone happy and give them reasons to continue living. Your life was very short yet very impactful.

54. God wiped away our tears and now we are fairing graciously and moving on happily, therefore, look back and rejoice in our joyful moments. Just rest on and sleep well knowing fully well that you ended well.

55. You were faithful over all the little things God gave you. It’s so painful that you are not here again to see how great they have all become. I hope the voice that welcomes you to heaven calls you a good and faithful servant.

56. Though the song is over the melody will forever linger on in our ears. Though the movie is over the storyline is without an end. Though the beat stopped so quickly the rhythm can never be forgotten.

57. I met you in less than two years and you changed almost all the negative narratives, as little as my encounter with you was, the memory of your demise took up significant space in my heart. I miss you.

58. You lived for Christ, now your death was not a loss but a great gain. The devil has lost the fight over your life. Cancer has no hold on you again because you are now free, though not on earth again but you live on in peace and eternal joy.

59. Your death gave meaning to the questions I have about life, people, and occurrences. Now I know better and will do better to end well and live on in the hearts of many people just as you are doing now. Keep feasting with the angels.

60. I loved you beyond comprehension, it wasn’t easy to bear in this same minute that you are no more. You fought death with everything within your capacity and you won because you’re no longer in pain but in comfort.

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