Prayer For New Week For Myself

60 Effective Prayer For New Week For Myself and Others

Prayer is the communication between man and God. It’s a solemn request for thanksgiving addressed to God,  you do this by acknowledging him, by praising him, by giving him thanks, by confessing your shortcomings before him, and by making him know your needs and heart desires.

When you pray you create a lovely relationship with your creator the ruler of the heavens and the earth, thereby creating a strong bond between you. You must pray from your hearts, that is your prayers should be sincere and must be for the right motives.

You ought to pray every day, every week, and every time. You grow and Excel when you spend private time in the presence of God. Sometimes, you get carried away by your daily activities and neglect your private time with God. You chase goals and forget the person that placed those goals in your hearts and when you realize that you have moved far from God you find it hard to reconnect.

Don’t worry we have listed below some ways you can pray for your weeks and reconnect back with God. As for me, I have taken prayer for new week for myself very seriously. This has always set things aright for me throughout the week. While you pray for yourself, also pray for others.

Short Prayers to Start The Week

1. Father God, thank you for the grace to be among the living this brand new week. May this week bring easy, great, and beautiful opportunities to my doorsteps and my family members.

2. I pray this new week creates room for the Lord’s blessings to follow and overtake me. May God prosper the work of my hands and open doors of fresh opportunities this week for me.

3. As I step into this new week may the Lord God bless me with good health and a sound mind. May I encounter greatness as I step into this brand-new week

4. Dear God, I received your anointing this week to get favored among my peers at my workplace and anywhere I step into may I achieve success and prosperity.

5. Good morning Lord, I ask for your guidance as I go into this new week. May I be protected against every evil, spiritual attack, and human casualty as I step out of my comfort.

6. The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. I pray as I step into this week may I not lack anything, be it food, money, health, protection, or promotion in my home or place of work.

7. I receive the grace from God to try out bigger projects and start the business that I have been procrastinating. May I receive the leading of the spirit to venture into things bigger than me.

8. As I start this week, may the Lord have mercy on me and help me not live an aimless life. I received the grace to achieve my goals for this week and the next week to come.

9. May God bless the work of my hands. May whatever I lay or place my hands on prosper this week so that I can do more work in your mighty name. As your word says you would bless the works of my hands.

10. I pray that the grace of God will be bound in my life this week and that this week will be better and greater than the previous week. I received a breakthrough this week by the mercy of the Lord.

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New Week New Blessings Prayer For Myself

11. I receive blessings for greater heights in my career and business. I pray that this week will be the start of blessings in my life, in my career, and in business. I will not miss out on any opportunity to attain greatness this week.

12. I ask that God will clear my heart and purify my heart from every sin and evil intention that has not allowed me to stay in his presence. May he take my life as his living sacrifice this week so I can burn for him.

13. I pray that there will be an awakening in my career, business, and relationship this week. May every part of my life that is dormant receive the awakening of God this week.

14. Father God, let those who owe me in any way or the other being remember to pay me back. I receive blessings from anywhere or anyone who has been sent by the spirit to bless me this brand-new week.

15. Dear God, as I start this week I look up to you with a heart filled with gratitude and hope. May your presence be with me throughout, guiding me and protecting me against the darkness that lays waste at noonday.

16. I received an outpouring of blessings from God this week to succeed in all my ventures. I pray I achieve that which I couldn’t achieve in the previous week, may you grant me all my heart desires.

17. I speak to my week that it will yield an increase in my business and relationships. I pray that the mercy of the Lord will speak for me in my marketplace, people will buy from me this week.

18. I pray that the Lord God most high will go ahead of me this week, may he smash every barred entrance for me. May he break protocols that hinder opening doors for me this week.

19. The Bible says “ he prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies” may the good God bless me in the midst of those who kick against my prosperity this week.

20. This week blessings from all the nations of the world locate me and my loved ones in Jesus’ name. We are helped beyond the average, the goodness of the Lord follows me in my going out and coming in this week.

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New Week Prayer Quote For Myself

21. May God send the holy spirit to guide me on the right way to follow this week, leading me to blessings and miracles. I pray the holy spirit teaches me the right things to do so that I will not fail and end up with a mistake this week.

22. I declare that my doors to progress are opened, with no delay or hindrances to every opportunity that stays in my life this week. I receive the strength to work with the activated progress in my life.

23. I prophesy victory in all that pertains to my life, career, and business. This week shall be the best week for me and my family members, I shall raise beyond my current status to greater expectations this week.

24. I am filled with fresh and new ideas this week, ideas that my coworkers would see and celebrate you dear God. I will rise higher than my peers in every area of life, I shall be the first and not the last.

25. I decree that I shall be fruitful this week, as I step out of my house I shall return with big games. When others are saying that there’s a casting down, I will be saying and experiencing a lifting up.

26. When they are relieving employees in my place of work I shall enjoy the grace of retainment by the name of Jesus. I shall not be out of a job this new but I shall declare the goodness of God over my life.

27. As I step into this week I lack nothing good, all things work together for my good and betterment. May the promises of God over my life come to life, I receive and speak the good words and promises of God over my life.

28. This week will be a week of breakthroughs and great testimonies in my life and my family members. Every word of God in our life becomes a reality this week and may we have a course to testify of the incredible work of God.

29. May the blessings that come with this new week be poured into my life and the lives of my loved ones abundantly. I pray that all our efforts and hustle will be blessed and rewarded greatly.

30. Dear God cleanse my path this week, that every hardship and challenge that is placed on my week be removed and cleaned. I decree open heavens over my life and my loved ones.

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Prayer To Start The Week At Work

31. I start this week with the holy spirit, for I know that he will help me make good decisions and will guide me to failures this week. I pray for the grace to listen to him and follow him as he leads me.

32. I pray the Lord God will shine his light on my paths and guide me not to stumble on any setbacks this week. I receive the anointing to walk free from any spiritual attacks set ahead of me this week.

33. As this new week begins, sickness shall be far from me and my loved ones. Accidents are far from my loved ones and my life, we shall not be involved in any casualties this week the Lord will fight for us.

34. Dear Father, may my family and I experience new blessings this week. The type of blessings that will change our current status and uplift us financially in the mighty name of Jesus.

35. This week I celebrate the goodness and mercy that I enjoy every time from God. May the good Lord continue to perfect his will over my life, career, and business as I start this week.

36. I pray that my customers will locate me and patronize me greatly this week, many people that I don’t know and that don’t know me to buy from me this week and beyond.

37. As I embark on this week may the Lord Jesus go before me and after me winning battles for me and my family. I take courage and boldness as I claim all the victory you have won for me and my family members this week.

38. May God cause great men and kings to come to my rising this week. I pray that the gifts the Lord has deposited in me begin to come alive and begin to activate so that it draws great men to me.

39. I claim the strength to continue pursuing my dreams and goals this week. May the mercy of God grant me the strength to fight and chase after my dreams no matter the difficulties.

40. No products or goods will go bad in my hand this week. For the Lord said he will bless the works of my hands, no goods will die in my hand but rather it will grow and flourish.

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Monday prayers to Start the Week

41. Today is blessed as the first start of my week, I shall gain access to every opportunity that is held in high places in Jesus’ name. May I shine like a city set on a hill this week, I claim every blessing God has given to me.

42. I have the peace of God that superseded all understanding this week. No matter the storm that comes with this week, I shall remain calm and shall be at peace.

43. Every sadness, worry, pain, distress and difficulty of the previous week is gone, this week will bring happiness, joy, peace of mind and the mercy of the Lord. I am successful in every one of my endeavors this week.

44. I ask you God to have mercy and cleanse me of my sins and shortcomings. Sins, fear, and guilt have no room in my heart, body, and life this week in the mighty name of Jesus.

45. As I step out of my house today, may the Lord God protect me, and may he give me a prosperous and happy week starting today. May he guide me from every form of violence.

46. Dear Father, I place my total trust in you this week, I know that you will answer my prayers when I ask that is why I ask that when I call heaven will respond to my pleas.

47. Dear Lord, I come to ask you to invest in my life. I want you oh lord to make me the hearer and doer of your work this week, bless me with talents to help me glorify your name.

48. Almighty God give me the grace to get more souls closer to your kingdom this week. I pray that any evangelic journey I embark on shall be wonderful and prosperous and may the Holy Spirit go with me.

49. Oh lord, I ask that you bestowed upon me fresh revelations. Find my worthy to show and tell me the secrets things of this world, to help me grow spiritually this week. I ask this through Jesus’ name.

50. I pray for special blessings over my life this morning, that I shall receive favour from people that I don’t know as I go on with my daily activities. Blessings that people would see in my life and give glory to your holy name.

Prayer For Myself For New Week

51. I have the right sense of direction this week, I will not start my day aimlessly but will start with a purpose as the Lord God leads me. I am next in line to receive a change in every status of my life.

52. My week is filled with blessings, help will locate me in any area where I need help. As I work to make my dreams a reality my efforts are not frustrated but help will come to my aid and make it easy for me.

53. My past mistakes will have no room in my life this week and forever. The Lord has paid for my sins, so the power of shame will not draw me down as I strive to walk upright this week and beyond.

54. May God shower me with blessings and ideas that will prepare me for greater opportunities. May those opportunities draw people to come and witness the greatness of God in my life this week.

55. Dear Father, I come before you to commit my aunty’s life in prayer. I pray you bless her with the fruit of the womb, as this week begins let the heavens have mercy on her and grant her heart desires.

56. I thank God for the gift of life, for standing by me knowing that I am a Prodigal child. Thank you for giving me a second chance regardless of my sins and celebrating when people left.

57. Good day, Jesus I thank you for life, that I’m among the living beings this morning. I ask for your protection today, may I not attract bad luck and issues that will ruin my week but may I attract good luck this week.

58. This week I will recover all that I have lost in the previous week. With every blessing, opportunity, and greatness that I have lost begin to get back in full, I receive double what I lost last week.

59. I pray against every ray of darkness or bad luck that wants to steal from me or deprive me of shining. May the holy spirit pierce through the darkness and protect me from losing my shine.

60. I would not lose my good health this week, either mentally, spiritually, physically, or medically. I’m in the right sense of mind throughout this week, my health will not be attacked by evil forces in Jesus’ name.

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